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angel2.gifElaborate Angel15KHome
angel3.gifAngel Flying, with Horn?KHome
angel4.gifAngel sitting, with light from heaven shining down?KHome
bwanglsg.gifAngel Singing13KHome
zjesus2.gifAngel over Bethlehem8KHome


bible1.gifBible in Hand6KHome
bible2.gifHoly Bible3KHome
bible3.gifOpen Bible2KHome
bible4.gifBible in Hands4KHome
bible5.gifBible as a conference table9KHome
bible6.gifBible with marker ribbon2KHome
bible8.gifSmall Bible in Color2KHome
bible9.gifBible in Color2KHome
christma.gifBible in front of holly1KHome


3_KINGS.GIFThree Kings8KHome
41seagre.gifManger Scene?KHome
candleli.gifCandles in wreath13KHome
chrstmas.gifChristmas logo7KHome


church2.gifChurch with Cross2KHome
church3.gifChurch in hills4KHome
church4.gifChurch with Cross2KHome
church5.gifDetailed Church3KHome
church6.gifFamily in front of Church29KHome
church7.gifOlder-looking Church10KHome
churches.gifChurches in front of lake24KHome


crosrngs.gifWedding cross10KHome
hugen.gifHuguenot Cross?KHome
lilycros.gifCross with Easter Lilies2KHome
lilycrs2.gifCross with Bible and Peace Lilies5KHome


dogwood.gifDogwood flower12KHome
easterar.gifEaster Lilies in front of crosses6KHome
emptytom.gifEmpty tomb3KHome
goodfrid.gifGood Friday6KHome
palmsun.gifPalm Sunday5KHome

Jesus Christ

christ02.gifChrist standing, with arm extended?KHome
christ1.gifFace of Jesus19KHome
christ2.gifChrist Ascending?KHome
comunion.gifJesus serving Communion2KHome
jesusistheway.gifJesus is the Way6.6KHome
jesuslovesyou.gifJesus Loves You5.1KHome
jesuspower.jpgJesus Power6.9KHome
jesussaves.gifJesus Saves2.2KHome
kingofkings.gifJesus, King of Kings8.3KHome
lightoftheworld.gifJesus is the Light of the World7.6KHome
lordofall.gifLord of All4.6KHome
savedelivheals.gifJesus Christ - Saves, Delivers, Heals6.0KHome


10cmdmts.gif10 Commandments1KHome
blessyou.gifArms lifted up in praise12KHome
cor12_9.gif2 Cor 12:9?KHome
dove1.jpgDove in color33Home
dove8.gifWedding doves on invitation10KHome
dove9.gifWedding doves with heart14KHome
dove10.gifWedding Dove3KHome
dove18.gifHands lifted up to Dove6KHome
dovepair.jpgPair of Doves in color52KHome
food.gifGive us this day...(Thanksgiving)?KHome
getgod.gifGet God5.4KHome
givethan.gifIn everything give thanks7KHome
jew_star.gifJewish Star3KHome
jon15_13.gifJohn 15:13?KHome
mat11_28.gifMatthew 11:28?KHome
picnic.gifChurch Picnic6KHome
pray.gifPraying Hands40KHome
reachforheaven.jpgReach for Heaven3.8KHome
sam22_17.gif2 Samuel 22:17?KHome
tencom1.gifTraditional ten commandments?KHome
tencom2.gifNumbered ten commandments?KHome


3_elders.gif3 Elders10KHome
3_people.gif3 People19KHome
circle.gifPeople in Circle14KHome
reaping.gifMan reaping wheat12KHome
zpray3.gifFamily Praying together12KHome

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clipart.zipFred & Crystal Kovach, GIF Clipart Collection684KHome
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When Captain Cook landed on what he known as the Sandwich Islands, needless to say, additional arrived. Explorers, artists, and anthropologists alike started their voyages to this paradise. The Hawaiians taken these pale visitors with open up arms and respect, for this was and it is the Hawaiian way.

These new people today brought with them new points and ideals as well as the native people today embraced them. Sandalwood grew to become large inside the trade marketplace and also the demand for it put quite a few of your native villages to function. This together with other additional contemporary items replaced time for spiritual issues. These items ended up then "Hawaiianized" and used within their day-to-day lives.

It had been the dying in the first wonderful king which introduced down the taboo process and displaced the pretty purpose to hula. His successor King Kamehameha II abolished the taboo technique and ordered all idols destroyed just after viewing the European and American sailors break each taboo and go unpunished. Hula, the beloved dance to the gods, was banned together with these. He may have performed this due to the fact he saw these other gods as a lot more merciful compared to the Hawaiian deities. The Hawaiians had anything they knew ripped out from beneath them in a very way of months, by the point the Calvinist missionaries arrived in 1820 the persons ended up prepared to get a new method.

When the missionaries arrived they noticed in the vicinity of naked natives dancing and wiggling their backsides inside a quite sexual way, therefore the hula was thought to be to get lewd and their policy was to forbid something they considered heathenish. They deemed them to become very poor misplaced folks in want of guidance. The missionaries have provided us together with the most thorough and precise descriptions of the historic Hawaiian hula, even if they ended up also by far the most judgmental and ethnocentric. The hula is accused of currently being noisy, unharmonious, and made use of to promote lasciviousness.

The native religion was far from lifeless as well as the Christians had been met with significantly opposition. The men and women of Hawaii were not fairly all set to provide up their heritage, but in 1825 Queen Ka'ahumanu gave in to Christianity. She banned the chanting in the mele and employed spies to find out those who disobeyed. Hawaiians were enrolled into Christian schools where the native language was discouraged as well as the songs was altered after they had been taught the notion of melody and harmony.

Two many years just after placing the bans in spot Ka'ahumanu died and hula commenced a revival. It absolutely was permitted to dance on crucial situation and for site visitors. There were also sailors who wished to see the dance, as soon as once again it had been the alluring dance that was given reward and called "hootchy kootchy."

In 1851 the Calvinists went towards the govt. They'd legal guidelines passed that implied the will need for a license to conduct the hula publicly and hefty fantastic as an accompanying punishment. This drove hula after once more out of the public eye mainly because most groups could not afford the licensing costs.

The gold rush sent several Hawaiians packing to California and they took their cherished hula with them. Traveling exhibits were shaped as well as hula was taken around the road. Back over the islands the following two kings, Kamehameha III and IV supported the revival of their culture. This failed to final for extended, although. Beneath the rule of Kamehameha V the missionaries wrote a document loudly proclaiming the indecency of the dance. During the 1860's the media and manifeste ended up set quickly against the hula. Even men and women of Hawaiian descent who had adopted a Christian outlook had been in opposition. From this point forward the track record of this sacred dance was permanently tarnished.


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