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Filename Description Size Home
provaday.zip Proverb-A-Day for Windows. Over 500 Scripture readings. What a wonderful way to start your day! 30K Home
prov_day.zip Proverb-A-Day for DOS. Over 500 Scripture readings. What a wonderful way to start your day! 130K Home
bible4.zip King James Bible program for Win95. Includes over 12,000 topics, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry Commentary, Nave's Topics, Torry's Topics, maps, and more. 11M Home
bim-kjv.exe "Bible in Mind" is an exciting DOS computer game for 1 to 6 players, summoning up your memory and knowledge of the Word of God. 566K Home
DEMO.zip AGES Software Windows Demo of the Master Christian Library CD. Includes: The King James Version of the New Testament, Volumes 3 and 4 of Vincent's New Testament Word Studies, Martin Luther's 95 Theses, Dwight L. Moody's Prevailing Prayer, and Dobree's Biography of John Wesley. 5.1 MB Home
DEMO.sea.hqx AGES Software MAC Demo of the Master Christian Library CD. Includes: The King James Version of the New Testament, Volumes 3 and 4 of Vincent's New Testament Word Studies, Martin Luther's 95 Theses, Dwight L. Moody's Prevailing Prayer, and Dobree's Biography of John Wesley. 7.1 MB Home
LLS Logos Library System demo software from Logos Research Systems. 6.29 MB Home
mot-nkjv.exe "The Moment of Truth" is a complete DOS software program for helping you to study the Bible in a systematic way. Includes 41 lessons. 351K Home

The Online Bible for Windows
NOTE: One of the "Online Bible Install" files are required to use the other data files.

Filename Description Size Home
install_advance.exe Online Bible Starters Pack - Advanced.  Version 1.02.  January 2001.  Online Bible program for Windows 95, 98, and NT. ?K Home
install_basic.exe Online Bible Starters Pack - Basic.  Version 1.02.  January 2001.  Online Bible program for Windows 95, 98, and NT. ?K Home
install.exe The Online Bible Millenium Edition 1.03.02 update.  Version 1.02.  Window 95, 98, NT.  January 2001. ?K Home
hhupd.exe Microsoft Help Update.  Version 1.01.  January 2001.  Windows 95. ?K Home
manual.exe Online Bible , English manual in Acrobat PDF. ?K Home
av.exe 1769 Authorized King James Version with Strongs numbers. ?K Home
webster.exe 1833 Webster Edition of the King James Version. ?K Home
douayapc.exe 1899 Douay Rheims Apocrypha. ?K Home
douay.exe 1899 Douay Rheims Version. ?K Home
wey.exe 1912 Weymouth New Testament. ?K Home
jps.exe 1917 Jewish Old Testament. 1.7 MB Home
bbe.exe 1965 Bible in Basic English. ?K Home
rwebstr.exe 1995 Revised Webster Edition. ?K Home
dby.exe Darby New Testament. ?K Home
ylt.exe Young's Literal Translation. ?K Home
rothrham.exe Emphasized Bible 1902 by J.B. Rotherham. ?K Home
vulgate.exe Jerome's 405 A.D. Latin Vulgate. ?K Home
vulapc.exe Jerome's 405 A.D. Latin Vulgate Apocrypha. ?K Home
apc.exe Oxford Apocrypha. ?K Home
ignt.exe Interlinear Greek New Testament. ?K Home
barnes.exe Barnes New Testament notes set. 5.17M Home
ent.exe Anthology of Commentaries on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Matthew, Romans and Philippians.
Compiled by John Greenhalgh.
6.16M Home
expgen.exe Commentary on Genesis by H. C. Leupold, D.D. 1.00M Home
family.exe Family New Testament Notes. 698K Home
geneva.exe 1599 Geneva Notes. 2.09M Home
jfb.exe Jamison, Fausset and Brown commentary. 4.89M Home
mhcc.exe Matthew Henry Concise Commentary. 1.69M Home
nasxrefs.exe New American Standard Cross Reference Notes. 543K Home
newell.exe Newell on Romans. 599K Home
pink.exe Pink on Hebrews. 1.13M Home
pnt.exe People's New Testament Commentary B.W. Johnson. 1.05M Home
poole.exe Matthew's NT Poole's Commentary. 4.52M Home
psalms.exe Treasury of David by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. 4.66M Home
rwp.exe Robertson's NT Word Pictures. 2.40M Home
scofield.exe 1917 Scofield Reference Bible Notes. 511K Home
tfg.exe The Four Fold Gospel. 1.13M Home
tsk.exe Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Cross references and notes. Originally published in 1836 and
modified for the Online Bible.
2.79M Home
easton.exe Easton's Bible Dictionary. 1.24M Home
grkeng.exe Greek Lexicon. 806K Home
hebeng.exe Hebrew Lexicon. 1.03M Home
strongs.exe Original Strong's Lexicon. 1.21M Home
70weeks.exe 70 Weeks. 290K Home
answer.exe The Revised and Expanded Answers Book 3.38M Home
antidote.exe Antidote. 193K Home
archlgy.exe Archaeology. 1.30M Home
bibleprf.exe Bible Prefaces. 263K Home
biblelnd.exe Children's Bible Stories. 3.60M Home
catechsm.exe Catechisms. 197K Home
chrlgy.exe Chronology. 133K Home
chrnlgy.exe Essays on Chronology. 164K Home
comments.exe Comments. 164K Home
create.exe Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium. 1.52M Home
divinity.exe Divinity. 1.59M Home
doctrine.exe Doctrine. 490K Home
election.exe Election. 167K Home
bar.exe Evolution At The Bar. 175K Home
facts.exe Facts. 926K Home
faith.exe Faith. 228K Home
gospel.exe Gospel. 256K Home
grace.exe Grace. 206K Home
holywar.exe Holywar. 294K Home
hope.exe Hope. 257K Home
hymnal.exe Hymnal. 208K Home
imitate.exe The Imitation of Christ. 214K Home
iwant.exe I Want the Earth. 343K Home
lbcf.exe 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.. 170K Home
many.exe Many Thoughts of Many Minds. 329K Home
mtracts.exe Modern Tracts by AiG. 1.51M Home
me.exe Morning and Evening by C. H. Spurgeon. 679K Home
mapeng.exe Maps. 1.53M Home
ntt.exe Torrey's New Topical Textbook.. 617K Home
oneblood.exe One Blood. 736K Home
pilgrim.exe Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.. 328K Home
quotebk.exe The Evolution Quote Book published by Creation Science Foundation. 179K Home
refuting.exe Refuting Evolution. 473K Home
science.exe The Bible Has the Answer by Dr. Henry Morris. 196K Home
sermon.exe Sermon on the Mount. An exposition by A. W. Pink.. 497K Home
sovgod.exe Sovereignty of God by A.W.Pink. 312K Home
stones.exe Stones and Bones. 801K Home
tc.exe Thompson Chain Topics. 673K Home
temple.exe The Temple by Alfred Edersheim. 330K Home
thelie.exe Evolution and the Lie by Ken Ham. 686K Home
parousia.exe The Parousia by James Stuart Russell. 498K Home
tpceng.exe Primary English Topics. 1.22M Home
token.exe A Token For Children. A book narrating the testimonies of dying children. 154K Home
umptf.exe Unmasking Pre-Tribulation Fallacies by Larry Simmons. 191K Home
vowels.exe Vowels. 258K Home
yngearth.exe The Young Earth by Dr. John Morris. 4.77M Home

The Online Bible for MAC
NOTE: File olbfmac.hqx is required to use the other files listed.

Filename Description Size Home
olb301.hqx Online Bible Program for Macintosh, Version 3.0.1. ? MB Home
kjv.sit English Authorized King James Version. 1.0 MB Home
maccxref.hqx Crossreferences. 1.0 MB Home
mhcc01.hqx Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (Part 1 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
mhcc02.hqx Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (Part 2 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
mhcc03.hqx Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (Part 3 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
pnt01.hqx 1889 People's New Testament Commentary (Part 1 of 2). 1.0 MB Home
pnt02.hqx 1889 People's New Testament Commentary (Part 2 of 2). 1.0 MB Home
geneva01.hqx 1599 Geneva Bible Notes (Part 1 of 4). 1.0 MB Home
geneva02.hqx 1599 Geneva Bible Notes (Part 2 of 4). 1.0 MB Home
geneva03.hqx 1599 Geneva Bible Notes (Part 3 of 4). 1.0 MB Home
geneva04.hqx 1599 Geneva Bible Notes (Part 4 of 4). 0.7 MB Home
nave01.hqx Naves Topical Bible (Part 1 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
nave02.hqx Naves Topical Bible (Part 2 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
nave03.hqx Naves Topical Bible (Part 3 of 3). 0.7 MB Home
m&e01.hqx Spurgeon's Morning and Evening: Daily Readings. 1.0 MB Home
easton01.hqx 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary (Part 1 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
easton02.hqx 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary (Part 2 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
easton03.hqx 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary (Part 3 of 3). 0.5 MB Home
macsvv01.hqx Dutch Statenvertaling (Part 1 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
macsvv02.hqx Dutch Statenvertaling (Part 2 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
macsvv03.hqx Dutch Statenvertaling (Part 3 of 3). 0.3 MB Home
bhs-bhm1.hqx Biblia Hebraica consonantal texts (Part 1 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
bhs-bhm2.hqx Biblia Hebraica consonantal texts (Part 2 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
bhs-bhm3.hqx Biblia Hebraica consonantal texts (Part 3 of 3). 0.5 MB Home
maclex01.hqx Hebrew/Greek Lexicon files, Strongs (Part 1 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
maclex02.hqx Hebrew/Greek Lexicon files, Strongs (Part 2 of 3). 1.0 MB Home
maclex03.hqx Hebrew/Greek Lexicon files, Strongs (Part 3 of 3). 0.3 MB Home

NOTE: theoinst.exe is required in order to use the other data files.

Filename Description Size Home
theoinst.exe Theophilos program version 2.6 with King James Bible, Matthew Henry's Commentary, and Easton's Bible Dictionary. 9.5 MB Home
apc.exe Apocrypha. 490 KB Home
aug.exe Confessions of St. Augustin. 260 KB Home
hbnd.exe Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary. 60 KB Home
hjc.exe Homilies of St. John Chrysostom on Matthew. 880 KB Home
kr.exe Kralická bible (Czech translation). 2.5 MB Home
kms.exe Nová smlouva (Czech translation). 620 KB Home
vdc.exe Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu (Romanian translation). 2.5 MB Home
roh.exe Holy Bible, translation by Prof. Rohacek (Slovak translation). 2.6 MB Home
cep.exe Czech ecumenical translation (Czech translation). 2.5 MB Home
rus.exe Russian Synodal Bible (Russian translation). 2.5 MB Home

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According to some estimates, there are actually about 2.1 billion Christians in the world. Whether or not you are a Christian questioning your faith or simply curious with regards to the world's biggest religion, you have quite possibly asked yourself: how can we know if Christianity is legitimate?

First, we need to glimpse at some prevalent objections to investigating Christianity. Three of the most widespread statements I hear are:

No one knows what religion is accurate!

It truly is all a large mystery.

Just just take it on faith!

Let us thoughtfully look at these 3 objections one at a time:

"No one knows what religion is true!"

Doesn't this audio like a humble, modest issue to say? Each time we listen to the words "I really don't know" we can recognize the honesty of admitting that you have particular limits. But look closer. What this declaration seriously says is "I'm assured that no person is aware of the reply." It in fact calls for a know-it-all kind of perspective to say this! You will discover practically 7 billion people today on the globe. Isn't it affordable to think about that probably anyone is familiar with which religion is real?

"It's all a large mystery."

Perhaps spiritual solutions are shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. But then again, probably you will find reasons to consider and facts to take into consideration. Christianity states that you will find no mystery about its most critical doctrine: Jesus rose in the dead! Both that assertion is actually a historical truth or a historical fraud. One way or a different, a third on the world's population believes it to be true. To say that all religions and all spiritual truth of the matter is usually a mystery would be to make a substantial overstatement.

"Just take it on faith!"

This strategy rejects a rational investigation altogether. Think about you might be trying to get a car, as well as salesman states, "just just take it on faith, they're the most beneficial cars for miles!" Except if you might be in the center of a desert without any other automobiles in sight, I hope you would reply back again, "Give me a break. I need to know why these automobiles are price my hard-earned cash." We use motive to determine all of the small points of daily life, so why not consider our common sense and use that on the a lot more significant search for God?

A three step process:

In reality, there's a reasonably uncomplicated process to rationally look into Christianity:

Establish what Christianity statements for being correct.

Consult Christians why they believe Christianity to get accurate.

Come into the most effective summary you may.

Let us appearance at these steps to be able:

What does Christianity say?

Though you can find quite a few distinctions among each of the Christian denominations, they're of secondary concern to what all Christians maintain in widespread. For example, you may go through The Nicene Creed, a regular statement of Christian faith for around 1,600 decades, to understand the basic teachings of Christianity.

More right, why don't you just read the Bible for by yourself? I'd advocate which you start out with all the Gospels, after which study the rest of the brand new Testament. Up coming, read the Psalms and Proverbs, after which the rest of the Old Testament. If you invest in a Bible with good notes, like the ESV Study Bible, you are likely to have some guidance for comprehension the way of life and context of every ebook.

Why do Christians believe Christianity is accurate?

The most effective way to remedy this query is to be part of a neighborhood church. Becoming pals with folks who claim to really like and observe Jesus will give you good opportunities to ask problems and get solutions. Nonetheless, you have to are aware that just because the identify within the making has "Church" or "Jesus" does not indicate it will likely be a spiritually healthy put. Look for any community that:

Focuses on worshiping God.

Normally requires the Bible significantly.

Is filled with essentially loving, generous, humble, and form individuals.

Contains a true care for your very poor.

Welcomes your problems and involvement. â?¨

Additionally, there are dozens of easy-to-read, insightful guides on this subject. Probably among probably the most popular is Do.S. Lewis' ebook Mere Christianity. One more excellent alternative is Lee Strobel's book The case for Christ. If you would like anything a little more demanding, you may attempt William Lane Craig's ebook Sensible Faith.



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