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I spent a decent number of years discussing the difficulties of what faith was and what Christianity was. After one or two years of discussing I discovered that my interest in a non secular life wasn't what I thought God wanted from his creation. I started to believe that God wanted a liaison with his creation and faith was only a route for man to artificially represent himself as a satisfactory unit of creation to the Creator himself. It wasn't a relationship. Why? Faith is a sort of rules and rituals with the concept of pleasing or appeasing an haughty god and in some form thru acts or actions earning his favour. Faith believes that "the best you can do is good enough." Faith cannot seem to trust in a sovereign God who has done all that's required for the person to be reconciled to Himself. He has given the power to meet the needs of His loving methods and plans for life that He guarantees will produce the rewards of goodness, love, joy and peace. Christianity isn't a faith, it is a kind of lifestyle. Christianity isn't a group of rules to obey, it's a relationship to be nourished with a genuine and living person. The name identifies its proponents as "Christ's Ones." The true supporters of Jesus have not just joined a church, they have made a considerate, conscious, life-changing call to give up their standard, self-occupied life for the life of a slave, a servant of the most-high God. They have selected, by religion to be youngsters of The Lord God instead of to stay kids of the planet and the demon.

Many have forsaken their worldly family to join the family of Our Lord God. The true follower has experienced the pangs of worldliness and has felt the hot breath of the enemy on his neck. He has run for shelter into the arms of the person who has overcome those perils. The true follower has been caught by divine love only to be liberated from worldly fervour. He's been transferred from the domain of darkness into the Dominion of the Lord God's beloved Boy . True Christians aren't better than others, they are quite as much wanting being forgiven. The true Christian does not brag over his victories, he moans for those he has left in the dust. The true Christian is ever aware of his past estate, and wonderfully grateful for his present condition, regularly happy to express his thanks to any person at any point.

True Christians are inspired by the love of Almighty God and energised by the power of His Spirit. They'd never consciously do anything to bring disregard to the name of Almighty God, but instead try to worship Him in all of their activities. They have a tendency to live out their trust in every part of their lives, each day and towards everybody.

The true Christian lives by Religion , trusting unquestioningly in the printed word of Our Lord God and repeatedly looks for knowledge for discerning truth from inaccuracy. The true Christian's HOPE isn't in his capability, his abilities, or his resources, but in the precise guarantees of a reliable God. Ever aware of The Lord God's unconditional LOVE, the actually redeemed one still seeks to please Him in all that he does.

If you're crazy at God or disappointed in your past church experience, maybe it was as you were not exposed to true Christianity, but to a rip-off "churchianity" which is prevailing in today's world today.

I might encourage you to give God another chance with your life. Cast your past, your present and your future onto Him who is prepared and "able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the vicinity of His glory blameless with great joy!" If you do, one day you'll joyfully roar with the redeemed of every age," Deserving is the Lamb that was slain to get power and wealth and knowledge and might and honour and glory and blessing. ".

Attitudes about Christianity Today

How do people today really feel about Christianity? There is no easy answer to this question as individual attitudes toward this 2,000-year-old religion are as diverse as the population itself. An individual's attitude depends a great deal on his or her personal experiences with the church and interactions with believers. Here is a highlight of just some of the prevalent attitudes about Christianity today. Yet other people show their faith through wearing statement shirts with regards to Christianity.

The Good

The evidence suggests that the majority of people today view Christianity quite favorably. According to a recent poll by ABC news, over 83 percent of Americans claim to be Christians. Most people (even if they rarely attend church or read the Bible) believe in God, Heaven, and Hell. Since people flocked to church after 9-11, it appears that most people believe that Christianity has the answers for life's toughest questions. The fact that politicians do their best to be seen entering the doors of a church on Sunday in order to impress voters speaks volumes for how most people perceive the good old-time religion.

The Bad

However, not all people's attitudes about Christianity are rosy. People of other faiths are often offended by its exclusive nature. Christians believe that their God is the one true God and that only those who believe in Jesus Christ will go to Heaven. Naturally, other religions are offended by this.

However, much of the negative attitudes about Christianity today do not come from outside the church, but within it. Many young people are walking away from their faith--citing hypocrisy, shallow teaching, and overly-judgemental attitudes in the church as common reasons. Surveys indicate that between 60 and 70 percent of children raised in the church will stop attending as young adults. If this trend continues, the overall attitudes about Christianity may become increasingly more negative.

The Ugly

The negative attitudes about Christianity range from mild annoyance to full-out hatred. Only a small percentage of Americans feel extreme disgust for believers, but these people tend to be in high-visibility positions. Every time a Christian does something they disagree with, they lash out. An example of this outrage against Christianity is the media attack on Dan Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A, for his statement supporting traditional marriage. While the media was aghast, the American people showed support for his organization.

While some of the negative attitudes about Christianity are justified, others are not. Christians themselves acknowledge that the church has problems, but there is a difference between having an issue with Christians and having an issue with Christ. Christ teaches that there is one way to Heaven. Non-Christians will always be offended by that message no matter how nicely it is delivered.

Please join us in reaching the world for Christ.

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